Healthier Together, CHOP’s community impact programs

As part of CHOP’s commitment to help the most vulnerable children in our community, our Healthier Together initiative addresses hunger, asthma, behavioral health and violence — all of which negatively affect health and wellness. With Healthier Together, CHOP is investing in meaningful evidence-based programs and services. To help more children thrive, these programs rely on donor generosity.

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Asthma Prevention

West Philadelphia is home to approximately 12,250 children with asthma. CHOP’s new Community Asthma Prevention Program Plus Home Repairs program (CAPP+) expands the hospital’s longstanding work to address the impact of unhealthy housing on pediatric asthma. Many asthma triggers — for example, mold caused by plumbing leaks — result from a child’s housing environment. CAPP+ combines home repairs with asthma education and environmental remediation.

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Behavioral Health in Schools

The Coping Power Program is a behavioral health intervention that CHOP has implemented in six local schools. The goal is for students with identified behavior disorders — usually verbal and physical aggression — to learn anger management, emotional awareness, appropriate social skills and more while they’re still young. CHOP psychologists train school counselors on coaching and role-playing and offer ongoing support. “The kids love role-playing,” says Tami Jackson, an elementary school counselor, “and it works. They love to demonstrate and act out the skills they learn.”

Violence Prevention

Addressing Violence Against Children

The Violence Intervention Program (VIP) at CHOP was established in 2012 by an Emergency Department physician who had treated far too many assault-injured youth. For most, the patients were discharged back into the community only to be re-admitted later with similar violent injuries. VIP addresses the fact that violence prevention requires a public health approach, and it uses a community- and family-focused model that works directly with patients who are treated at CHOP for an injury due to interpersonal violence.

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Battling Food Insecurity

One in five people in Philadelphia experiences food insecurity. That means they don’t consistently have access to enough food to support an active and healthy lifestyle. Produce grown in the garden located at CHOP’s Nicholas and Athena Karabots Pediatric Care Center is used for nutrition education programs and distributed to families cared for at CHOP.

About Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Every day, teams at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia make breakthroughs that transform children’s lives. Since our founding in 1855 as the nation’s first children’s hospital, we have made extraordinary discoveries, trained generations of leaders, and advocated for children everywhere. Our Pediatric Research Program, one of the largest in the country, has set a new standard for scientific innovation around the world. As a nonprofit charitable organization, we rely on the generous support of donors who are inspired by our work — and our mission.