Inspired Looks. Inspiring Cause.

On Thursday, September 24, 2020 we turned the parking lot at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Specialty Care & Surgery Center in King of Prussia into a drive-in theater to watch a screening of the fashion show! The drive-in featured gourmet snacks, giveaways, and an inspiring program. For those who wished to view from the comfort of their own home, we offered a virtual screening.

Event Co-Chairs

Abbe Avart and Elizabeth Cahill

Event Committee

Melanie Albahary
Abbe Avart
Helene Avart
Lexi Avart
Jessica Avart Lang
Amy Barrickman
Elyse Berger
Iris Berkowitz
Lorri Bernstein
Tricia Billings Goldstein
Sheree Bloch
Janice Blumenthal
Brooke Borsky
Amy Brownstein
Liz Cahill
Rachael Carp
Alicia Bazik Cernek
Sylvie Cohen
Dale Cucuel
Stephanie DiLucchio
Bonnie Eisner
Haley Erdlen
Jill Fishman
Christina Fogli
Barbara Freedman
Beth Frieder
Lynne Garbose
Tracy Ginsburg
Lisa Glass
Mindy Goldberg
Marji Goldman
Vicki Goldstein
Kris Gross

Kathy Gubernick
Amy Haller
Margie Honickman
Colleen Honigman
Stephanie Ingersoll
Jill Kurtzman
Caroline Linz
Susan Lipson
Allison Lubert
Lainey McMahon
Lisa Mittelman
Elizabeth Moore
Corie Moskow
Ashley Ostroff
Cindy Pearlstein
Ellen Perlmutter
Jill Powell
Frances Rorer
Amy Rosen
Madelyn Rubenstein
Sharon Rothman Sablosky
Fran Shapiro
Nancy Shein
Laura Spain
Sherrie Spiegel
Donna Sternberg
Jill Sussman
Cory Townend
Christena Waldman
Rebecca Weinreich
Faith Weiss
Victoria Williams